Marketing Advisor Services

As a Marketing Advisor, which is distinct from a coach, I provide professional strategic guidance and practical assistance in navigating the small business marketing process. This involves a combination of analysis, planning, and implementation oversight to ensure that a business's marketing efforts align with its goals and resonate effectively with its target audience. I use the HomeTown Marketing System as the foundation for my Marketing Advisor service. Here are some of the duties I offer as a Marketing Advisor:

  1. Help with Conducting Market Research:

    • Identifying Target Audience: Analyzing the market to determine the ideal customer profile and target audience for the business's products or services.

    • Competitor Analysis: Assessing the competitive landscape to understand market trends, competitor strategies, and areas of differentiation.

  2. Help with Developing Marketing Strategies:

    • Strategic Planning: Collaborating with the business to define short-term and long-term marketing goals aligned with overall business objectives.

    • Campaign Planning: Creating a comprehensive marketing plan that outline the foundation, strategies, and tactics to achieve business goals.

  3. Help with Brand Positioning and Messaging:

    • Brand Development: Assisting in the development and refinement of the brand identity, ensuring consistency across all marketing channels.

    • Messaging Strategy: Crafting compelling and consistent messaging that resonates with the target audience and communicates the brand's value proposition.

  4. Help with Digital Marketing Expertise:

    • Online Presence: Advising on establishing and enhancing the business's online presence, including website optimization, content strategy, and SEO.

    • Social Media Strategy: Developing strategies for effective use of social media platforms to engage with the target audience and build brand awareness.

  5. Help with Traditional Marketing Channels:

    • Print and Offline Strategies: Providing guidance on traditional local marketing channels, such as print advertising, direct mail, and events, when applicable.

    • Media Planning: Assisting in media planning and buying decisions for optimal reach and frequency.

  6. Help with Metrics and Analytics:

    • Performance Measurement: Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and using analytics tools to measure the success of marketing campaigns.

    • Data Analysis: Interpreting data to derive insights, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

  7. Advisory on Marketing Technologies:

    • Marketing Tools: Recommending marketing technologies and tools that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

    • Automation: Advising on marketing automation solutions to streamline repetitive tasks and nurture leads.

  8. Collaboration with Creative Teams:

    • Content Creation: Collaborating with content creators and designers to ensure that marketing materials align with the overall strategy.

    • Campaign Execution: Overseeing the execution of marketing campaigns, ensuring they adhere to the established strategy and timeline.

  9. Budgeting and Resource Allocation:

    • Budget Planning: Assisting in the allocation of resources, including budgeting for advertising, promotions, and marketing initiatives.

    • ROI Analysis: Evaluating the return on investment (ROI) for marketing activities and recommending adjustments as needed.

  10. Staying Informed about Trends:

    • Industry Trends: Keeping abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and changes in consumer behavior to adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

    • Best Practices: Incorporating best practices into marketing strategies to maintain relevance and effectiveness.

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