The HomeTown Marketing System

The HomeTown Marketing System is the path to connecting your potential customer’s problems, pain, needs and wants with the solution you offer with your product or service which appeals to your potential customers and sets you apart from your competitors.

The HomeTown Marketing System is designed specifically for local brick and mortar businesses that do their own marketing.

The lack of a marketing system usually results in limited understanding of customer needs, limited visibility, missed opportunities and reduced competitiveness.

The HomeTown Marketing System enables local businesses to create successful marketing strategies and tactics so that they stand out from the competition..

The HomeTown Marketing System encompasses a series of interconnected components designed to create and communicate a unique solution to a problem or need for a local target audience and ideal customer.

The key interconnected components of the HomeTown Marketing System include:

  1. Market Research: Gathering and analyzing information about your local target market, customer needs, and competitors to make informed decisions.

  2. Target Market Identification: Identifying specific segments and ideal customers of your local market that your business aims to reach with its products or services.

  3. Content Development: Creating and refining content that educates and meets the needs and desires of your local target market and ideal customer. Understanding customer behavior is a critical component of content creation.

  4. Competitive Advantage: Identifying local competitors and highlighting your unique selling propositions and differentiating yourself from the competitors.

  5. Strategy: Designing and implementing your marketing goals and objectives. Marketing data and analytics provide valuable insights that help inform your strategic decision-making. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing activities and identifying emerging trends.

  6. Tactics - Distribution Channels: Creating an effective website and establishing and managing search engine results and choosing the right social channels through which your products or services are delivered to customers.

In summary, the focus of the HomeTown Marketing System is to:

  • Know your customers and their problem or need.

  • Know how to solve their problem or needs.

  • Know how to effectively communicate your unique solution to their problem or need.

  • Know your competition and be able to stand out from them in search results and solutions.

  • Create a strategy that matches your business.

  • Choose the marketing channels (tactics) where your ideal customer looks for the solution that your product or service provides.

We have created two frameworks using the HomeTown Marketing System in our courses.

Standing Out from the competition for Bookkeepers and
Standing Out from the competition for Local Small Business.